Her name was Clementine

Her name was Clementine she was a showgirl…Fresh and cheeky enfant terrible. Being an adult is not easy… And yet, she is the product of the eco-responsible generation. An aromatic bombshell endorsing the respect for the environment in her scentful skin. So charming you want to take her home.

From cooking to cosmetics

Clementines with their essential oils are perfect for use in the kitchen but also as a natural cosmetic. Vitamin C will give your skin radiance, a better sleep, that’s how generous our happy clementines are! A little gentleness in a world of brutes…

Not just a pretty face 

Delicious and aromatic, but also a symbol of commitment: against the over-packaged world in which we live. Our clementines are only packed in plastic-quasi-free or 100% compostable packaging. Because it’s not enough to say you’re eco, you also have to prove it!