Living the (orange) dream

Better than a sunny day and almost better than a paella! Oranges, our most long-lasting and Instagram-worthy fruit! Born between the Andalusian mountains and the sea, our oranges grow free-range in contact with the flora and fauna of the Andalusian forests. A bite of nature in your hands.

Born to be Olé

Our farms, located in the heart of the Andalusian mountains, conform real  local ecosystems. Our oranges will bring to your mouth a whole palette of aromas that will take you straight to the morning dew.

Pure love

Slower and slower but better every day. They embrace slow life and quasi-plastic-free. They control their carbon footprint, reducing it more and more, and will soon be available in 100% compostable packaging. So proud to give back to Nature, just a tiny bit of what she offers us.