Oh lusty mandarin!

With no strings and sparkly, mandarines represent our crazy-adventurous side. Their juiciness and scent will take you to nice and warm winters near a cup of tea. Easy to peel, easy to transport but very hard to say goodbye to when the season ends. A gift from the gods to men.

¡Viva el deporte! (Y el descanso)

The sweetest of all citrus fruits, its fructose content is ideal for sportsmen and women. Before, during and after, it regulates your sugar blood reserves. Consume them with all the peace of mind that comes from Earth-friendly productions!

Say yes to circular economy

Terre Happy mandarins embrace a slow life and arrive in your supermarket in compostable packaging (they nourish the soil) or with a plastic content reduced to a minimum. We are working on options that completely eliminate plastic. Soon, your 100% compostable “packaging” will be the talk of the town.