Lemon is our religion

Our favourite and only one (joking).
Fresh and funny at the same time he practises free love, free-range and free-carbon*.

The fruit of a noble lemon tree that passed on traditional know-how as well as an education, Terre Happy lemons turn out to be open to the future, to a better world, where regenerative agriculture help to protect the environment.  The result? A healthy mind in a vitamin-packed body.  Easy, natural and healthy. No headaches! tras

Letting themselves go

Our lemons get better and better. They embrace slow life and almost free plastic. They control their carbon footprint and offset it to neutral. Soon, their 100% compostable “packaging” will be on everyone’s lips.

*Carbon neutral, what does that mean?

Carbon neutral does not mean “no carbon”. Our farmers are working to reduce their footprint as much as possible and to control it. Then, when we can’t reduce emissions anymore, we offset them by committing ourselves to sustainable projects. This way we help others reduce their carbon footprint as well.